Service Life of X-ray Equipment

Our X-ray equipment (hereinafter “Equipment”) shall have a service life of ten (10) years after shipment.

After the specified service life has elapsed, Equipment do not maintain their original designed performance even with repairs/maintenance inspections. Due to deterioration of electrical parts and/or mechanical systems, failure is likely to occur. Accordingly, we do not guarantee the effectiveness and safety of Units in use under such conditions. We strongly recommend that Equipment is replaced before its service life expires.

Definition of service life: A standard usage period during which medial devices should maintain the same functions and performance as when they were manufactured, provided that the devices are used for their intended purposes based and an adequate usage environment with appropriate maintenance and control is provided.

Repair of X-ray Equipment

The products that have exceeded their service life may not be accepted for inspections or repair.

Not only the repaired part, the other parts may often be deteriorated according to the time elapsed from the time of manufacture. Even if an item of Equipment operates correctly when inspected after repair, the Equipment may suffer another failure of a different part from the repaired part.

If any or all screws are found to have been removed from the Unit by any party than our authorized service providers, we may not accept any inspection or repair.