Image Software


Picture Flash-back (Display Configuration Memory Function)
In Picture Flash-back, the image displayed at the end of treatment is memorized for recall at the next treatment. Using this function, treatment can be smoothly resumed without interruption from the previous display status.

Launcher Function

Basic functions are summarized in a tile menu, and incorporated as a Launcher. Operators can find what function to use at a first glance for easy and smooth operation.


During diagnosis, each case should have its own optimum way of showing and communicating the images. Quickly displaying necessary images, from a rich selection of layout patterns is quite meaningful for smooth and reliable communication.
NEOPREMIUM2 offers an ideal setting for counselling with patients.

Various Layout Patterns

Rich diagnostic layout patterns of CT images are ready to use in preset configurations. According to each case, a simple click of an optimum layout can switch the layout.

Detailed Teeth
Curved Cut
Implant Detailed Display

Album Layout

By using preset layout, complicated and various layouts obtained from dental 10-image or 14-image methods as well as from digital camera images can be freely and easily displayed. Further, original layout can be even created and registered.

Multi-display Supported

2D images, 3D images, video views, and counselling software can be simultaneously displayed. By displaying multiple CT images at the same time, meaningful informed consent supported by various information such as comparison of before and after operation can be offered.

Print Layout

Via network printer setting, printing is available from any chairside PC. Freely combining images, notes, and clinic’s specific logo allows easy template creation. The printed image can be output in a PDF format.

Image Software

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