Message from President

Message from President

Earning further trust from customers

Since our foundation in 1956, as a manufacturer dedicated to dental X-ray equipment, we have maintained our growth by continuing to push research and development ahead of the times, for the single goal of satisfying our customers.

The current environment around us is dynamic; some of the main changes are advancements in dental treatment, the widely varied business conditions of dental clinics, and increasing competition in the industry including overseas competitors.
While pursuing our challenge, we were pleased to celebrate our 60th year in 2016.
In every situation in any era, our continued and eternal hope is a business that is needed by customers and society.

Currently, we are at the cusp of a game-changing turning point, from a dedicated manufacturer of X-ray equipment units for dental applications to a total solution provider in which various devices including CAD/CAM systems and oral scanners are interconnected.
For such a milestone, we will again return to our beginnings, the spirit of our foundation, “Value that only ASAHIROENTGEN can create” to bring about renewed growth anchored in the trust of our customers.

Our company philosophy values harmony with others. To create and present products and services that are wholly trusted and bring satisfaction to our customers, we hereby commit to build a working environment where each of our members collaborate with each other with motivation and optimism.

With our original pioneer spirit in mind, we will strive for a new challenge that further makes us sought after by customers, employees, business partners, and communities.

Company Philosophy
Management Policy

Company Philosophy

As a reliable manufacturer of medical devices, we cherish “Wa” (harmony), continuously create new value, and contribute to realizing a healthy and enriched society.

Management Policy

  • 1. We will cultivate our skills, and devote ourselves to produce products and services for customer satisfaction.
  • 2. We will sincerely address building a workplace environment in which each member respects and trusts every other.
  • 3. We will aim for continued growth as a global company through global and interactive alliances.
  • 4. We will follow compliance standards for faithful and sound company management.

Code of Conduct

  • 1. Each of us will respect each other based on the spirit of Wa (harmony).
  • 2. In pursuit of satisfied and happy customers, we will constantly work with our colleagues on creating new value in the company.
  • 3. We will cultivate our skills and potential from a global standpoint.
  • 4. Daily, we will review our conduct humbly, and continuously seek opportunities for further growth.
  • 5. We will keep order as members of society, and comply with the rules inside and outside of the company.
  • 6. We will strive for heartful contributions to the society and maintenance of the global environment.

Quality Policy
Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

Based on our Company Philosophy and Management Policy, we are promoting our Quality Management System (QMS) activities and continued improvement, product development and quality control to gain an even higher level of satisfaction and trust from our customers. As a manufacturer of medical devices, we have obtained certifications from international standards ISO9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO13485 (QMS for medical devices).

QMS for medical devices
ISO13485 QMS for medical devices
Quality Management System
ISO13485 Quality Management System

Environmental Policy

We comply with the relevant laws and regulations as well as our official commitments concerning all of our business activities in the development, design, manufacture, sales, after maintenance of our products, to minimize environmental impact.