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● Only 12 seconds exposure time for full-scan 360º CT images as well as standard panoramic images.
● NEOPREMIUM2 offers rich image-processing functions such as NEOSMART and Tomosynthesis, giving no-compromise high quality images with rapid acquisition.
● High quality image by our own image processing technology andnew sensor.
● With various facilities and functions, such as a new Head Support & Grip, and our CT Positioning System, we have realized a comfortable working environment, free of burdens on the patient and operator.
● We provide solutions that can be installed to make optimum use of space and which can be operated safely and securely over extended periods.

● Integrated CT, Panoramic and Cephalometric all-in-one system.
● 360°CT scan provides high-resolution image with less artifact.
(According to the patient positioning, 270°scan orbit is conducted.)
● User-friendly touch panel improves the usability of this multifunction equipment.
● CT scan area can be changed vertically without moving the patient provides quick patient positioning.
● Adopting face-to-face positioning method provides comfortable positioning procedures.
● Environmental-friendly equipment with lighter body design helps reducing CO2 produced during shipment.
● Compact and stable mechanism.

● Improved definition rendering volume space.
● CT data display, high-speed image processing.
● Launcher functions to quickly enable basic function.
● Increased image gradation conveys more information.

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